Saturday, 16 August 2014

Incoco Nail Strips - Cloud Nine French Tip

Hello Nailistas!

I'm sure you know of this product already, but I hadn't tried them yet and I wanted to see what the hype was all about.  I have to admit I'm a fan!

What I like most about the Incoco Nail Strips is that they're made with actual nail polish.  I think this is what makes them stand out from the rest of the competition.

I've used other nail strips, but they tend to crack, rip, bubble, or just don't fit my nails.  The best part about Incoco Nail strips is the fact they are made from 100% real nail polish, so this makes them more pliable. You can stretch them (not too much, they too will rip if stretched too far) and pull them into shape and the end result is a professional looking finish.

I was in the market for some french tips for my upcoming wedding. I personally find it laborious to do French manicures.  So was really interested to see how Incoco French Tips stacked up.  I was so impressed how simple these were to apply, and perfect every time! This is part due to the fact you can pull them into the right position so easily.

For a first timer to Incoco Nail Strips, I am now an absolute fan!

I have pictured below my end results using French Tips in Cloud Nine.  I wasn't too sure what colours i was ordering on the online shop, perhaps if they used real photos, they would give buyers and better indication of the colours you are getting.  Cloud Nine is essentially a clear top colour over a white French tip. 

Incoco claim that their nail strips last up to 14 days... like many I see this and then pfft. yeah right...

After 7 Days... 

It's been exactly one week, and below are picture of my nails.  Let me tell you, these nail strips just keep blowing my mind.  If I was to paint my nails with a French Manicure the old fashioned way, they would have already peeled off from the edges after just the 2nd day (tops!), this also includes using stamping french nail tips too.   

Below are pictures after 7 days! and I'm going to persist to keep them for another 7, I will update this post next week.  I'm dying to know how they last after 14 days, and I think they have the stamina to do it without any issue.

It's been 7 days and we don't have a dish washing machine (that'd be me) and they look amazing still.

I've really tried to highlight in the picture below the wear on the tips... but as you can see it's so minimal.  I can't stop looking at my nails :)  I've never had a French Manicure on my nails look this good for this long!!

Needless to say I've made another order for another batch of French Tips and some other colours.  Incoco also sell the French Tips on their own, so I'm curious to know how they will survive under a coat of regular nail polish and top coat.  If you are interested, let me know in the comments below and I'll make sure to make a post on that too.

Make sure to come back soon, I will post up photos after 14days soon.

I just wish the postage to Australia wasn't so expensive :(

After 14 Days...

Ok, I finally got there! Let me say it wasn't easy, have you tried to keep the same manicure longer than a week?!? it's hard.  Especially if you're like me and like to change your nails every couple of days! That's mostly because the polish chips and my OCD kicks in and need to re-do my manicure. But these nail strips didn't do that, and I think that's what impressed me the most.

Anyway as promised here is the result after 14 days.  Not any more wear than after 7 days.  These babies just kept impressing me.  And to be honest all they needed was a quick file to remove the wear on the tips and they would have been right to keep going.

xx Karen