Sunday, 28 June 2015

piCture pOlish - LakoDom & Liquid Palisade Review

Hi Everyone 

PicturePolish has done it again with a gorgeous speckled nude.  First there was PicturePolish Cherish and then they brought out PicturePolish LakoDom.  If any of you follow me, you would notices that I like neutrals and these suit me to a tea.  AND they have a tiny bit of shiny speckle to make them just even more special and unique (PicturePolish have a great range of these types of polishes).

I decided to stick to the grey theme and a while a go I was given PicturePolish PMT from PicturePolish as a bonus in one of my orders.  I love the name and it stamped really nicely over PicturePolish LakoDom.

Ingredients Used
  • Base Coat1: Orly Bonder
  • Base Coat2: OPI Ridge Filler 
  • Base Colour: PicturePolish LakoDom
  • Stamping Polish: PicturePolish PMT
  • Stamping Plate: Pueen26
  • Top Coat: Poshé

I also purchased PicturePolish Liquid Palisade, which is a liquid latex.  When I first saw other girls using it on YouTube, I saw another breakthrough in Nail Art and had to have it! It makes clean up so much easier and quicker.  It does take a little patience to put on, but it's worth it.  And while it's drying I used that time to apply my base colour.

After doing some research on the web, I decided to purchase this because it was coloured and you can see when it's dry.  Not to mention it peels off really well.  So i give PicturePolishes Liquid Palisade a big Thumbs Up! 

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

piCture pOlish - Pink Champagne Gradient

Hi Everyone,

Recently I was inspired by a favourite blogger of mine ChitChat Nails by her gradient creation using PicturePolish Cherish as a base with a pink gradient tip.

I also just happened to have PicturePolish's Cherish, which I absolutely love.  I love neutrals, and this is a perfect nude with a dash of pink with reflective silver flecks.  I fell in love with it as soon as i saw the first swatches appeared on the nail blogging world.

So here is my replicate of ChitChat Nails gradient.  

I went to Sorrento with the hubby this day and he ordered me a Pink Champagne, unbeknownst to him, it complemented my manicure perfectly! LOL

Ingredients Used

  • Base Coat1: Orly Bonder
  • Base Coat2: OPI Ridge Filler
  • Gradient: PicturePolish Cherish
  •                  PicturePolish Coral Reef
  • Top Coat: Poshé

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