Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Summer Challenge Day 25 - Summer Water Marble FAIL!

Oh my goodness, please help me.

When it comes to Water Marbling I clearly am doing something wrong, I was dreading this one and my fears came true.  I totally, and royally stuffed this one up.  I'm only going to show one photo and ONE photo ONLY! only for the benefit of the Challenge and to prove that I did give it a go. I'm not afraid to show you my fails, I am human after all.

I warned you in my last post that Water Marbling and me are NOT FRIENDS.  Here is the proof.

This would be my 4th attempt at water marbling and I'm just not getting it right or even close. Now am I seeing a sign of improvement, which I find terribly frustrating.

Believe when I say that I've YouTubed and searched high and low.  I followed all the tips and guides how to produce the beautiful water marble affect.  However it's just not meant to be between me and the water marbling, we're just not seeing eye to eye right now.  However, I haven't given up, it's just not right for me right now...

So without further adu, I really don't want to dwell on this one anymore than I have to... so moving on to the next theme please...


xx Karen

This is me giving up!


Jas said...

Hi! Just wanted to post some sympathy. I had my first attempt at water marbling today as well. I used this particular you tube and found it worked:

Karen Belia said...

Hi Jas!! You're a gem. I just watched the YouTube video you got there... she makes it look sooooo easy. I'm still scared by my last attempt at Water Marble, but watching the video clip has made me want to try again. I can do this!! *big breath*

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