Monday, 12 November 2012

Nail (Polish) Mail! Zoya Ornate Collection

Hello!! I had completely forgotten that I had ordered this a little while a go, and when I opened up the package left on my desk I was very excited when I realised what was inside! (I love when this happens!)

So my Zoya Storm and Zoya Blaze arrived from the Ornate Collection, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!

Thanks to Scrangie, ThePolishAholic and ThePointlessCafe, for their excellent swatches on this collection, I fell head over heels in love with these two colours and I can't wait to get home tonight and do some swatches of my own.  oooo... what about a gradient with these two!?!?!
 I might have just squeeled...


On first inspection. Storm is a black base with magnificent rainbow effect glitter, almost looks holographic when i move the bottle around.  Blaze is a gorgeous deep plum red with amazing purple undertones.  The glitter iteslf has more of a purple bluish theme to it as well.

Zoya Storm (Left) & Zoya Blaze (Right) 

Do you sometimes forget you've ordered mail, or lost count of the orders you make then get a happy surprise delivery (even tho you've paid for it)?

And if you were wondering I'm wearing, OPI - Red Lights Ahead... Where?
Thanks for popping in and having a look.
Have a great day!!
xx Karen


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