Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Leopard Spots & Gradients

Hi Loverlies!!

I have a mani here today that was inspired by a fellow blogger and I would like to acknowledge them but I can't for the sake of me remember where :( I saw this so long ago, so if you know or recall a similar mani let me know!  However, from memory it didn't turn out as I had remembered, I still liked the finished look.

I used OPI Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs, the black was a standard black polish I bought from Sportsgirl.  I used Stamping Plate F2 which I got online.  There a number of leopard print stamping plates out there now and they kind of all very as to how close the spots are together.  This I found just worked.

Keeping it short and sweet, hoped you liked this mani, and thanks for popping in :)



Roxy Ch said...

This looks great!

Karen Belia said...

thanks Roxy :)

HGNailDesign said...

Its pretty (:

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