Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mary Kay Fairytales & Fantasy Collection - Mulberry Forest and Enchanted Mauve

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"This season at Mary Kay, get swept up in the ethereal beauty of a fairytale land and immerse yourself in the mystery of a fantasy world with a striking, modern twist.  The special-edition Fairytales & Fantasy Collection can help you create enchanting looks worthy of a happy ever after"

I have recently purchased the two polishes released as part of Mary Kay's Fairytales & Fantasy collection (Autumn 2014).  Over the regular nail lacquer box is this beautifully designed cover slip of deep violet and lilac with gold trims.  Gorgeous, and I haven't even opened the boxes yet!

Enchanted Mauve
is a gorgeous nude creme, perfect for nail art bases or for when you don't want to scream colour.  This nude has a slight peachy undertone to it.  

Below I have applied two coats of Enchanted Mauve (no top coat) and I could easily have added a third layer to even out the nail, it wasn't an full opaque creme as I was expecting but still did the job in two coats.

Mulberry Forest
is a rich burgundy with gold, bronze shimmer throughout.  As the barometer starts to fall, this is the perfect shade to compliment any glass of red wine in front of a open fire.

I used two coats of Mulberry Forest (no top coat) in the pictures below.  It spread evenly and perfectly with two coats. I tend to be a little heavy handed when I apply my first coat sometimes... I found that one coat completely covered the nail.  So if you are short of time to paint your nails, one coat of this my be enough, but don't forget top coat! (fast drying if you need to run out the door asap!)

Purchase from Mary Kay Beauty Direct Online
Some of you may or may not already be aware, but I am Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  I love their products and have been using their beauty products for over 2 years now. From daily skin care to colour cosmetics and yes, nail lacquer!

So if you are from Australia or New Zealand and would like to get your hands on these little beauties, you can purchase them at Mary Kay Beauty Direct online, but please don't forget to quote my consultant number at checkout.


My Consultant number is: 155637AU

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Gosia said...

wow, I didnt even know that Mary Kay makes polishes!! these look lovely on you =)

Karen Belia said...

Thank You Gosia :)
Keep an eye out for them, they usually release a small collection for the seasons.

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