Friday, 31 October 2014

Stamping Gradient Roses

I felt inspired to try a gradient stamp.  I've been wanting to try a gradient stamp ever since I saw Oooh, Shinies! post.

I've tried to recreate this using the following ingredients:

 - Base Coat: Orly Bonder
 - Base Colour: OPI My Very First Knockwurst
 - Stamp Colour: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest + China Glaze Peotic
 - Stamp Image: MoYou Tourist Collection 07
 - Top Coat: Posh é

Keeping it short and sweet.
Thanks for stopping by and if you're not subscribed to Oooh, Shinies! What are you waiting for?

xx Karen


fife fantasi Nails said...

very beautiful and delicate mani :)

Karen Belia said...

Thank You Fife. You've got a lovely blog too.

jucy lyma said...

hi ... loved your blog ... many successes ... can you follow me on my blogger
already . now can you make a video showing its collection of nail polish ... thanks

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