Monday, 12 October 2015

piCture pOlish - A Royal Beige Gradient

Hi Lovelies,

It truly is my favourite technique, the gradient.  But unfortunately I had a fatality about two weeks ago (ring finger) and I'm waiting for this little one to grow out a little longer before I chop the rest down to size.  

But in the meantime I made the most of my longer nails with a graceful gradient then finished it off with some stamp work.  

Hope you like it.

The gradient on it's own,  it was much more beautiful in real life.  Picture Polish Majesty over Beige created more of a holo (very work appropriate manicure before the stamping).  

  • Base:  OPI Ridge Filler
  • Gradient:  
    • Picture Polish Beige
    • Picture Polish Majesty
  • Stamp:  Pueen 111
  • Top Coat:  Poshé


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