Monday, 14 May 2012

Gradient Nails My New Thing!

Yes yes, gradients aren't new, but I've just rediscovered them! and I'm loving this one.  Just had to keep looking at my nails to check they were actually mine, couldn't believe it.

This is the second time I have ever tried my hand at sponging technique to create a gradient affect.  My first attempt was oookkkaaayyy but knew I could do better.  So I was determined to sharpen my technique and get a better result. 

So with the help of the Internet I came across a blog that offered a fantastic pictorial tutorial by the lovely Sammy from The Nailasaurus, I gave it another shot and I'm not looking back.  I skipped Step3, but I think Step5 is the most critical step.  Moving the sponge back and forth is what makes the gradient come to life.

Gradient's are affective and so easily to achieve (now that I know how to do it properly).

Here's my latest combination using OPI's A Grape Fit! and a generic black polish I bought from sportsgirl (I think).  I always use OPI Base and Top Coat's.


Hope you liked this and leave a comment below on how you went trying this gradient technique yourself.  I'd love to know what colour combinations you come up with :)

xx Karen


nail crazy said...

love the color combo you're choose :-D
i'd like to follow you but i don't see followers via gfc button on your side

layka Silvia Millan said...

I love both colors and combination ^_^

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