Sunday, 5 July 2015

#OMD3 - Day 4 - Black & Gold

Every time I think about the theme for today's challenge I keep getting the song "Black and Gold" keeps getting stuck in my head.  lol

Black and Gold are two classic colours and when combined, they reek sophistication.  I feel like slinking into a black, floor length dress and sip martini's at a bar... anyway back to the manicure.  I thought a classic Ruffian manicure would suit this combination perfectly.

I only wish my nails were longer, oh well they're getting there.

my favourite finger :) thumbs up!

  • Base:  OPI Ridge Filler
  • Gold:  OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke!
  • Black:  OPI Black Onyx
  • Top Coat:  Poshé


Fife Fantasi Nails said...

very beautiful mani :)

BerryStylish1 said...

Did u do that free hand?

Karen Kook said...

Yep, it was done freehand.

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