Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New 2012 Bundle Monsters Arrived!!

I'm VERY excited to announce that today I recieved the new 2012 series of Bundle Monster Image Plates from BundleMonster.com

I haven't gone through and taken a picture of every plate.  But if you would like me to do this, please leave a comment below and i'll be more than happy to do this.  I'm also at work at the moment (literally just recieved them!) so can't spend too much time here taking heaps of photos then cropping them and uploading... you get the idea.  So will most likely do a proper review later.

There are 25pc in total.  And I was so excited I haven't even taken off the blue protective sheat, sorry about that.

So since I am currently at work, I took a few quick photo's of some of the plates I instantly fell in love with and some of the ideas and observations that popped into my head. 

For example I love the idea of providing negatives of some designs seen in the images below.

Below are a few which I've picked out as some of my first favourites already, so you'll be definitly seeing these in the very near future...

I saw a sneak peek of this plate (BM-315) and I instantly fell in love with the paisley design on the right.

I absolutely LOVE the bottom floral design on image plate BM-314.  Think this would frame an accent nail beautifully. Almost reminds me of a painting, but it'll be on you nail :)

I was (still am) a big fan of newspaper nail art and I also a sneak peek of this image plate as well (BM-311) I love the calligragphy at the top of the plate.

Another image plate seen in a sneak peek... now gradients are a big thing at the moment so was curious how the gradient on the next image plate (BM-301) will look, to the right of the plate.  Probably not as nice a finish as sponging would do, but still I'm curious, will need to do a test and put something on the blog.

I really liked the idea of the following two.  One which has th ribbons, which I can see coming in handy on awareness days (eg, pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness).  Also love the heart themes of the second plate.

Well I don't know about you, but i'm dying to get home and play with these!!  This will have to do for now, must get back to work... :P

Have you got yours yet?

Again here is where i got mine from on BundleMonster.com

See you next time
xx Karen


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