Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Seche Vite - Review

Seche Vite - Where have you been all my life?!?!?

I have to admit, I'm a damn harsh critic deep down, particularly when it comes to trying something new, but something made me want to really try this Seche Vite all these girls have been raving about on YouTube and other blogs. So...

What's so good about it? ...

I finally bought a couple of bottles on eBay, it was a bargain buy.  Decided if I didn't like it I was going to give the second bottle away, that's IF it didn't find it lived up to the high expectations. 

I can't believe how surprised I was when I used it for the first time! To say I was amazed is an understatement.

I was blown away!! 

It exceeded all my expectations!! 

This stuff is truly great!! 

I can't believe I waited this long to give it a go.  Yes, I am a devoted OPI girl, but I have to admit, I will now take a second thought next time before grabbing my OPI top coat.

I can't recommend this top coat enough to all my friends, like me, that don't have the time to wait for nail polish to dry enough so that it doesn't smudge or worse, ruin your nail art or manicure which took a lot of effort and time to perfect.
Not only does it dry super fast it is great for
applying on top of stamping, no streaks.

It literally is dry in less than 2mins (can comb fingers through hair) and hard enough to knock around in 15 (for example pick up a bunch of car keys and not worry about getting dints) and completely hard as a rock in under 30mins!.  What would normally take hours with to become as hard as a rock, only takes Seche Vite less than 30mins!  

 "This is particularly good when I do friends and clients nails,
because it drys so fast and I have the confidence
their manicure will survive past the front door."

I do have some concerns about Seche Vite (this is the little critic inside me rearing it's ugly head). I was a little overwhelmed by the smell, it is very chemical intensive.  I don't know what exactly goes into this little miracle bottle, but whatever it is (should probably look further into this) it works wonders. 

So the critic and health warrior inside me does get concerned every time I go to put on a layer of Seche Vite. 

The chemical aroma
is VERY strong...

       and my natural reaction is telling me that something that smells that strong CANNOT be good for you. Do you agree? So to be on the cautious side, I've decided to use Seche Vite on myself sparingly, or only when necessary.  For example when I don't have the time to wait for my nails to harden up enough, for example like just before bed or a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

Do you have any thoughts on Seche Vite or personal experiences you'd like to share, good or bad?  Have you tried any of the other Seche Vite products? What are your thoughts on these and would you recommend any of them?

xx Karen


Jenn said...

I couldn't live without Sech Vite. There is a warning to not use it while pregnant, which is just a small indication of truly how bad it is for you. This of all those poor manicurists using it day in and day out!

Karen Belia said...

Thanks Jen. It really is a superb product. And yep another reminder why it's very important to read the labels!

Jas said...

I love my Seche Vite, I've even ordered the Professional pack (ebay is the cheapest!). Apparently some polishes have "shrinkage" at the tips with Seche (ie.Nubar)so I have INM Out the Door and Poshe as backups for those :)

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