Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 10 - Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Another day another challenge.  Yes I may have skipped one, I couldn't think of what to do for street party and I'm so far behind I didn't think missing one day would be so bad.  And I was really looking forward to this particular day.
I had an idea in mind, it had to be shiny and it had to have diamonds and crown jewels.  So I took advantage of my image stamping plates and came up with this little number:

Summer Challenge Day 10 - Queens Diamond Jubilee

What do ya think?

I was rather happy with this little effort.. another first for me, the flag was done using a art line brush.  There's a lot of firsts doing these challenges and that's what I'm really enjoying about them.  That make me think of creative designs and trying new techniques which I normally wouldn't use.

So back to the design...

Union Jack - CHECK
Jewel encrusted royal crown - CHECK
Diamonds in English flag colours - CHECK
English Rose - CHECK :)

I even love the fact that I used a colour that is called Dating a Royal (OPI)

Here are the colours I used:

OPI - Dating a Royal
OPI - Alpine White
Revlon - Red (#680)
Generic Silver
OPI Nail Envy Base & OPI Top Coat

Here is my Union Jack.  I thought it was going to be easy because whenever i see others use striping brushes, they make it look soooo easy.  This too me a while...

Putting all the elements together.  I used Bundle Monster Image plate BM09 for the Diamonds, BM08 for the Crown (sorry it was white on silver base, in hindsight probably not a great idea, I didn't have a gold polish opaque enough) and Konad m54 for the roses. and of course a 1.5mm blue rhinestone sitting on top of the crown.

Opps smudged my middle finer... :P

I had a lot of fun doing this one. Being an Australian I still have a lot of interest in the English Monarchy, and was delighted to be part of this Challenge for this days theme.

Looking forward to the next one...

(came up with two variations for this one, is that cheating?)

Well I hope you enjoyed this and I really like hearing and getting comments, so drop on by say hi below in the comments box.  See you next time.

xx Karen


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