Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer Challenge Day 13 - Summer Fete

Wow... I tried a new technique that's been floating around lately.  Have you heard of Sugar Spun?

I first saw this technique by xoxoalexisleigh and she has a really good YouTube tutorial, however I don't think my nails turned out quite as nice.

The idea behind this design is Fairy Floss, because whenever I thinking of Summer Fete's, I think of the Pink Fairy Floss machine :)

Try not to look too close, and it makes me feel better if you squint your eyes, so the pictures blurry... here's the end result:

Colours I used for this design were:

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty and
Ulta3 bo peep (which I picked up for $2 at the post office shop)

I chose not to put top coat on, because even the end result was a disaster, i like the 3D affect.

It was sure interesting trying to learn the new technique and I found it did waste a lot of polish (hence why i went for a cheaper pink), my first attempt I used OPI's Kiss Me on The Tulips, that was even worse (can you imagine!) and so reached for a cheaper bottle on my second attempt.

Well i hope it wasn't too difficult to look at. Let me know how you've tried this technique and what you think of it.

(had a lot fun with this one, lotsa stamping :D )

see you next time :)

xx Karen


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