Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Summer Challenge Day 51 - Summer Needle Drag

So it's summer and it's all about summer love, right?

So here are some cute hearts I made using the needle drag technique.  I have mention
Miss80Million, one of her designs inspired me for my end design.  So I thank her for this. And she's a really awesome nail art blogger and YouTuber.  She has a really good video tutorial on dry marbling nail art technique.  I'm giving her free advertising here :P

So the colours I used were OPI Mod About You for the base and OPI Kiss Me on The Tulips for the dots/hearts.  I just used a regular larger dotting tool for the dots then turned it around the other end has much smaller ball, and used that end to drag through.

It took me a few attempts, and you can still see (with my ring finger) I still didn't get it completely right.  But what I did find is that dragging just on the surface, don't go right down to the nail.

If you have any other tips you'd like to share about needle dragging, please comment below! I could use some tips

xx Karen



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