Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer Challenge Day 52 - Sun Flowers

Ok may need to stretch your imagination a bit with this one...

I don't have a sunflower stamp :( so had to improvise.
I started off with half moon with OPI Hot & Spicy. Added some cute bows (to hide the uneven line :P) 

I bet you recognise the bow stamp, right? Yes it's the same but it's not Konad, and it's slightly smaller than the other one.  I found this great plate with both sizes, the original size of the konad and a smaller version, i thought it was cute.  I had in mind using the smaller one for my pinky, but i like this use of it too.  I got this plate from Fab Ur Nails blog sale.  They have their own facebook website with an online shop and there's heaps more there.

Then added this sun/flower i found on Bundle Monster Image Plate BM01

I kept going with the sun/flowers on the rest of the nails but it became 'a bit much' so I'll leave you with this, just an accent nail.

See you next time!

xx Karen

Day 53 - Fruit Salad (yum!)


Gosia said...

I love this!!!!!! very subtle and delicate!

Brittney Salazar said...

so cute i have a stamper @ home but i cant work the darn thing love these :]

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