Friday, 17 August 2012

Summer Challenge Day 53 - Fruit Salad

I've done a similar manicure to this before in the past.  But thought I'd try give it different spin.  Have a look what I came up with (the older version is below for comparison)

First I started out with OPI Done Out In Deco (this has to be one of my OPI FAVOURITE's)

Applied some dots with image plate OB12 from FabUrNails blog sale

then added the fruits from Bundle Monster BM05 (Strawberry & Grapes).  The cherries came from an unknown image plate M73.  I used it recently for my A Day At the Seaside Summer Challenge.

Here is my similar previous design (without the dots or cherries)

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Karen

Day 54 - BumbleBee
(hmm... I wonder what colour it's going to bee??)


Caroline Jewel said...

Love the manicure! :) Really awesome!

Lacqueerisa Says said...

Oh I dig this! So beautiful!

Karen Belia said...

thanks ladies :)

Shelby Swatches said...

ouu this color is gorgeous!

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