Monday, 20 August 2012

Summer Challenge Day 54 - Bumblebee

Hello Lovelies.  I admit I struggled with this one.  As easy and straight forward as the theme was... I was feeling very low on the motivational scale.  Then I see what the other girls and come up with for this theme and I feel just hanging my head in shame.  They're so much more creative than me.

I didn't have any hexi shapes and used this from Bundlemonster plate BM223 on an angle and left room for a little bee in the top left corner.  I got this from the Winnie Pooh plate OB3

I used Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty for the base colour.  I just recently bought a brighter Yellow from China Glaze, Happy Go Lucky, but didn't have that when I made this design.

Here is the Winnie Pooh Plate OB3 I got from here

I had a bit more fun with the next one.  Less stamping more free hand painting :)

Thanks for stopping by and having a look.  See you next time.

xx Karen

Day 55 - Surfin USA


bee said...

These are sooo cute!
I am obsessed with Pooh Bear,
and these are amazing!

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